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Welcome to

Nazene Danielle

School of Performing Arts

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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Nazene Danielle School of Performing Arts.

It has been a dream of mine to set up a school that not only provides students with their vital secondary education, but also gives high quality and diverse Performing Arts training.

During my years of teaching I have been lucky to teach some truly talented children who, under my guidance, have experienced incredible opportunities in the Performing Arts Industry and competitive dance world. I have also seen so many face barriers when it comes to balancing the demands of schooling and their desire to train as an elite dancer. This is why it has been a long-standing ambition of mine to create an institute that can support young, aspiring performers to achieve equally in both academic and vocational studies, in a setting that appreciates the value of both and can timetable a balanced study programme that takes pressure off the students so they can fully immerse themselves in succeeding in both areas.

I am deeply passionate about educating students and will strive each and every day to promote their self esteem and ensure they have a positive role both in the school and the wider community.

Students will be encouraged to reach their full potential personally, academically and vocationally.

I would very much welcome you to our school to discuss your childs options and for you to get a feel of our truly unique highschool. 

Best wishes, 

Nazene Danielle Langfield 


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