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To provide an education that inspires a love of learning and cultivates courteous, independent and creative thinkers.


To provide a broad, flexible and forward-thinking curriculum which is regularly reviewed.


To provide teaching by highly knowledgeable educators with high expectations for our students which challenges and stimulates pupils as well as encouraging innovation, imagination, skill, articulacy and flair.


Provide students with inspirational teachers who successfully demonstrate the ethos of our school and are invested in the pupils’ development as well as their own continued professional development.


Provide a safe, encouraging environment that offers excellent pastoral care and a warm family feel.


Ensure everyone feels valued as an individual and has the support to develop their self-esteem.


Provide and support pupils with responsibilities so they become strong independent adults.


Promote the importance of empathy and consideration to others.


To instil the highest standard of positive behaviour, respect, manners, dress and speech and a desire to always aim for excellence.


Along with the school's values, we aim to create courteous, sociable and caring citizens.


Value pupils as individuals. Recognise and celebrate their varied talents, potential and achievements.




Our Ethos is to provide an excellent learning experience from inspirational teachers that promotes a lifelong love of learning to our pupils. We provide our pupils with a wealth of academic, cultural and performing opportunities in a safe and caring environment. They will always feel supported and valued due to our importance placed on strong pastoral care. High expectations for behaviour, respect and manners and instilling our values within our pupils learning will ensure they live successful, happy and fulfilled adult lives.

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