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Nazene Danielle

Miss Nazene is very involved in the development of all pupils and an active member of the Performing Arts faculty.  Miss Nazene has over 22 years of teaching experience and a wealth of industry experience including West End and National Tours. Nazene has recently been awarded 'The Carl Allen Award' for her recognition of excellent teaching. Alongside her winning The Janet Cram Teaching Award for 5 years, she also shares her love of teaching as part of the ISTD's Teaching Team and was part of the creative team for the inclusion of the G4 - 65 NEW Musical Theatre Amalgamations. 

Miss Nazene encourages all pupils to be the best version of themselves whilst being kind and encouraging to their fellow pupils. Her ambition is to nurture kind, hardworking young adults to be positive influences within their communities. Miss Nazene teaches various styles and subjects including technique, jazz and musical theatre. 

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